Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brian Brown: Totally Down

This is Brian Brown.

Brian is the president of the National Organization For Marriage, a group with the sole purpose of preventing a hypothetical couple named Adam and Steve from filing their taxes jointly. As you can see, he's a very smiley guy—he's like a homophobic version of Drew Carey.

At least he was, before Drew lost all that weight and turned into Huey Lewis.


I'm still looking for a picture of Louis C.K. wearing glasses to complete the tryptich.

Anyway, Brian Brown says letting gays get married is bad because it's "redefining marriage," though I'm not sure why that's so objectionable--his own organization's media strategy consists almost entirely of redefining things.

The NOM website used to have a whole list of "Marriage Talking Points" like that one, but the page has been removed in the last year or two (though you can still see a few of the Talking Points in my earlier post, linked to above, and also again earlier in this sentence). I can't say for sure why NOM removed them, but maybe they realized they should keep their manipulative agenda under tighter wraps after their race-based political schemes were made public.

Not that you need to read secret documents to get the full flavor of Brian's screwy logic. Here he is on television, asking the age-old rhetorical question, "How can my virulently anti-gay agenda be bigoted if it has a black friend?"

There's a little grandmother--African American woman--in North Carolina, who actually was denied sitting at the lunch counter, and she's looking up and saying, "How can folks say that it's bigotry for me to go out and vote that I believe marriage is the union of a man and a woman?"

I wonder which of that woman's attributes confers the most legitimacy on her moral judgments--her age, race or physical stature?

Brian loves to bolster his anti-gay position by invoking solidarity with black people, as I've previously mentioned in that earlier post of mine (which I've linked to above a couple times already, and again at the end of this sentence just for shits and giggles... right here). I guess Brian believes that since black people are bigger victims of oppression than anyone, they cannot be biased themselves. So if you heard that Brian Brown is bigoted, don't believe the hype--Brian is "down," and his tireless efforts to deny gay people the same civil protections as straight people are totally "legit."

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